5 Habits Implemented Into My Daily Routine


Well, I know it's been a while!!  But, I still had some inner issues that were preventing me from being intentional and providing valuable content to my readers.  Even though I realized where I fell short, knew what I wanted out of life and was ready for change - but my mindset was keeping me hostage.  I still was very doubtful.  My inner voice told me, "I can't do this or that, I'm not good enough, that is impossible because I'm in my mid 30's - I should have started in my 20's. Every day was a constant battle which was hindering my progression towards reaching my goals and dreams.  I had to change my way of thinking!! From my daily readings on personal development, I came across several articles that discuss daily habits and how impactful they can be.  I was very skeptical if daily habits could work for me but I went for it anyway.  I picked 5 habits that resonated with me.  I have been doing these habits every day for the past months and I must say my way of thinking has definitely shifted.  I'm more hopeful and excited about my future.  I still have days when doubt or fear try to creep in but it doesn't last.  The way I think about things now has me on a new high in life.  These daily habits include:


  • Giving Thanks

I had the tendency to complain, fear, and fret over issues in life instead of focusing more on giving thanks.  Showing gratitude to God keeps us in the right relationship with him and allows us to maintain a good perspective on life.  Doing this daily reminds us of all of our blessings that have been received.  It also increases our emotional health.  In Psalm 100:4 it states, "Enter his gates with thanksgiving and praise; give thanks to him and praise his name".  Every morning before I do anything else, I start my day giving thanks and praise.


  • Staying Plugged into God

God is our life source to grace, mercy, abundance, prosperity and so much more.  There's power in God's word.  It keeps us refueled and charged to handle whatever comes our way.  I did pray and consult him but I definitely fell short.  It wasn't an everyday thing.  I have started making it a must to pray, meditate in his word and consult him daily. 


  • Affirmations

There is also power in the tongue.  We can speak positivity over our life.  If this is done every day, it can reprogram our thinking pattern overtime to overcome negative thoughts and doubt.  Whatever we say we will see it.  I put together a list of affirmations that were the opposite to my way of thinking such as: “I can’t do that – Yes, I can do anything I put my mind to.  I'm too old – I’m never too old to follow my dreams, etc.” Every morning I look in the mirror and speak these positive affirmations into and over my life.  It helps charge me up for the day ahead.


  • Faith

Faith is the most important key element to have in life.  In Hebrew 11:1 it states, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  It's rooted in the heart and can't be explained with reason or logic.  It helps you dream big and take action, even when we have fear.  It helps us continuously walk forward when we can't see the full picture.   Knowing God's word and having a relationship with him increases your FAITH.  I’m removing the words I can't and replacing them with I can and I will win!!  Every day I walk in faith knowing that God will keep his promise.



  • Being My Own Biggest Fan

For years, I was my own biggest critic.  I could tell you my every flaw before I could tell you something good.  I struggled with accepting compliments from others without saying something negative about myself in return.  Every day I cheer for Eve!!  -which is not about bragging but it's about walking in confidence and belief in my own abilities.

These habits have made some big changes in my way of thinking which has changed my life for the better.  I feel really good and ready to continue to strive towards my goals and dreams.  I feel optimistic about the future in knowing the best is yet to come!!  Come on 2019, let's get it!!

If there are daily habits you have implemented into your daily life, what are they? And, how have they been impactful in your life?




  • Love, love, love this! Thanks for sharing. My daily prayer is to have the mind of Christ Jesus. Nothing but Positivity😊💕

    Dorothy Singletary
  • First and for most I would like to thank you for your message. Thank you for sharing apart of you. Your message helps uplift and shows strength. We must consider changing our mind set in order to grow. To grow as individuals, an to grow in Christ. The daily habits that I have implemented in my life is to always pray. Praise, seek, worship, trust, and thank God for his many blessings.

    Shanice Jones

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